It is our continued goal to present you with the utmost in quality no matter what guitar you purchase and answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to read through the information on the Customer Service page and the FAQ's, and you may find the answer to your questions.  We will provide common FAQ as updates are needed.  Please read the Ordering information thoroughly prior to calling.  Thank you once again. 

Peace and God bless.  Kevin L. Pederson


1) What is the difference between a hollow body and an archtop?

A hollow body starts with a solid body type and then interior of the body is routed away or carved out. This makes the interior hollow and then the top is added on and carved. The archtop has sides that are thin and are bent to the body shape and put in a form to hold the shape. There is a separate back plate added and a separate top that is added. So both are hollow, but there are two different types of construction.


2) Why do you use Seymour Duncan pickups?

Seymour Duncan pickups are simply outstanding. They are perfectly matched for boutique guitars and have a clean sound. They come standard in Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitars); however, you can get other manufactured pickups as an option.


3) Hand made vs. production-type CNC guitars

Although CNC guitars do involve hand work, the hand work comes from assembling pre-made parts and sanding pre-made parts. The CNC machinery makes the parts and less skilled people assemble the parts in an assembly.

Most people that work production start out at a station so they can master that one skill. Eventually, they may go from station to station and learn to assemble the whole guitar. But the machine is the one creating and duplicating precision parts. Workers can be taught to assemble pre-made parts and these companies are very efficient, so they have the ability to make lots of guitars. That is why they generally charge less, but some of their prices may be comparable to boutique guitars. Buyer beware.

Since we produce our guitars by hand, we cannot ever be as efficient as a machine. But we can be precise and exact with our production. Naturally, our production volume of guitars is lower. The main difference between CNC guitars and our Pederson Custom (formerly Abyss) guitars is that they depend skill of the craftsman who creates the parts and THEN assembles them. He has master control of all elements of the construction: from building the neck and hand carving the neck, to bending wood for the sides to inlay, to putting on a master grade finish—the list goes on an on!

I would chose a hand made guitar crafted by a skilled artisan, even though it may cost a little more, because the finished result will truly be custom. Unlike a CNC guitar, a boutique guitar is made for YOU. It is unique, and few guitars in the world are similar to it. You won’t find that at a generic, mass-produced guitar company.


4) Presentation Elect vs. Custom guitars

Really, the only difference is where the idea for the guitar originates. If you send me your ideas, then it is a custom guitar made for you with your specifications. The Presentation Elect guitars are conceived by me, from design to inlay, they are awesome unique guitars. They are 100% collectable and 100% playable. Both the Presentation Elect and Pederson Custom (formerly Abyss) guitars are investment pieces.


5) What is your current build time?

For the Standard electric, the wait is approximately 9–12 months. For custom guitars, archtop and others, the wait period is about 12–18 months.


6) Do you make left handed guitars? Is there an extra charge?

Yes, and no, there is no extra charge.


7) Will you inlay something on another guitar brand?

Yes, but I won’t do any fret work on the guitar. You will need to have the frets pulled and then you will send me the guitar with the artwork. I will then do the inlay job and send the guitar back, ready to have the frets installed.


8) Do your archtop guitars feed back like other brands?

No, in my experience of building over the past several years, I have recently started carving and bracing my tops so that they can actually be run through a higher gain amp and not have unwanted feedback. You can’t stand in front of a Marshall stack with the gain turned to 11, but you can get that nice rich sustain that people look for without the added unwanted squeal. It is a trade secret so I am not going to say too much about it.


9) If I pay you the full price up front, can I get the guitar faster?

Not necessarily. I always have a backlog of orders, and I try to fulfill them based on the order in which they were placed. I treat all my customers as if each was the most important one, and I want to treat you the same way.






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